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Breach of contract case filed against John Fogerty

Breach of contract case filed against John Fogerty

Not all business relationships, in Florida or elsewhere, turn out to be positive. The simple truth is, disagreements happen, and, in some cases, these disagreements can lead to partnerships falling apart over time. When this happens, legal disputes may become commonplace. The current relationship between the former members of Creedence Clearwater Revival is a perfect example of this. Legal disputes among these former band mates certainly seem to be a fairly frequent occurrence — the most recent of which revolves around an alleged breach of contract.

The former members of Creedence Clearwater Revival have been involved in various legal squabbles over the years, since deciding to part ways back in 1972. Between allegations of unpaid monies to trademark violations, the lawsuits filed between these individuals have covered a variety of topics. The most recent claim splashed across national headlines was filed against John Fogerty by his former business partners.

John Fogerty is accused of violating the terms of a previous legal settlement that was reached in 2001. Former band mates, Cook and Clifford, claim John made unfavorable remarks about their current group, Creedence Clearwater Revisited. Cook and Clifford won a previous lawsuit granting them the ability to use this name; however, John is accused of using the original band name to promote his own tour dates. If these allegations are validated, and a jury sides with the plaintiffs in this case, John Fogerty could be held liable for breach of contract and trademark violations. Tom Fogerty’s widow is also reportedly taking part in the case against John.

It is unclear how this current lawsuit will play out over time, but the issues seen within this group can be a good lesson for Florida business owners. Legal contracts are an important part of running and protecting business interests and partnerships. Getting everything in writing can serve to safeguard current and future interests, even after doors are closed and business relationships have ended. Having appropriate legal protections in place from the onset can help to quickly resolve issues — such as breach of contract or trademark violations — should they arise.

Source:, “John Fogerty Sued for Breach of Contract, Trademark Violations by Ex-CCR Band Mates“, Dec. 9, 2014

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