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Central Florida Business Litigation Firm Provides Exceptional Counsel

Orlando attorney helps companies achieve favorable outcomes

Business litigation can be a distraction that drains resources or an opportunity to enforce your company’s rights. An accomplished business litigator can mean the difference between a successful outcome and continued legal trouble. At H. Clay Parker, Esq. in Orlando, we have delivered strong representation to Central Florida businesses since 1989. In contract, tort and other types of cases, firm founder H. Clay Parker IV develops a comprehensive strategy designed to achieve your litigation objectives. Our goal is always to put you in the best possible position going forward, whether your matter is resolved at trial or through a favorable settlement.

Strong advocate handles a complete range of commercial disputes

In both trials and appeals, our firm identifies key issues and vigorously pursues a resolution that promotes the interests of your company. Whether your concern pertains to business formation, the closing of your operation or any conflict in between, we offer strong advocacy for:

  • Contract claims — Our detailed understanding of business contracts gives clients an edge when one party claims a breach. We move quickly to exercise contract provisions meant to cure the problem and will go to court when necessary to secure your rights.
  • Tort matters — In cases relating to possible negligence or business torts such as fraud, our firm delivers a comprehensive argument. By preparing thoroughly for each issue, we maximize your chance for a positive outcome.
  • Construction litigation — Disputes arising from building or repairs often lead to conflicting claims about what occurred and who’s to blame. No matter how complex the situation is, we can uncover the truth and enforce your rights.
  • Noncompete agreements — On behalf of both workers and companies, we provide comprehensive support in litigation concerning noncompete agreements.
  • Business ownership & management disputes — If you are in a dispute with a partner or co-owner, we can help your come to a quick resolution.

For these matters and other commercial law conflicts, our firm is dedicated to serving as a trusted partner in your success. By delivering exceptional representation in each case, we have built a strong reputation and lasting relationships with companies throughout Central Florida.

Knowledgeable lawyer assists with real estate conflicts

Whether you are an individual or business, real estate is a crucial investment. If a conflict arises, our firm will serve as a strong defender of your property interests. In foreclosure defense matters and other real estate disputes, we use our skill and local experience to assert the rights of homeowners and companies. As an accomplished litigation firm, we don’t handle closings or other transaction-related matters, but we are focused on winning results that optimize the value that clients derive from their properties.

Contact a knowledgeable Central Florida business litigation attorney

H. Clay Parker, Esq. represents Florida companies in all types of business litigation matters, including contract and insurance disputes. Please call 407-216-2504 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Orlando office. In cases related to civil or business litigation, we offer a $50 initial consultation.

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