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Orlando Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Assists Homeowners

Experienced Florida advocate helps clients keep their houses

Over the past decade, Florida has been hit particularly hard by the foreclosure crisis. The volatile real estate market and unscrupulous lenders have forced many families out of their homes. At H. Clay Parker, Esq. in Orlando, we provide determined advocacy for Central Florida clients who have been threatened with the loss of their homes due to missed mortgage payments. Facing off against a financial institution can seem intimidating, but even if papers have been filed, we still give you the best chance of keeping your property.

Knowledgeable attorney advises residential property owners

Attorney H. Clay Parker IV has been practicing law in Florida for more than 30 years. He arms homeowners with the knowledge and support they need to take on powerful lenders. No matter how far behind in payments you might be, our firm can identify possible solutions and advise you on issues such as:

  • Predatory lending claims — Complicated financing language and misleading rates have put many families in a position where they cannot make their monthly home payments. When you have been victimized by predatory lenders, our firm takes immediate action to invalidate unconscionable terms based on federal and state law.
  • Mortgage modifications — We understand how banks make decisions and use this information to negotiate fair mortgage modifications. These arrangements can stop foreclosure and lower your payments to a rate that you can manage.
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure — Sometimes a residential owner facing debt problems simply wants to move on, free from the lingering financial burden of home ownership. In these situations, we work to execute a deed in lieu of foreclosure where a person transfers ownership to the bank, but avoids further costs and negative financial reports.

In mortgage foreclosure cases, we offer reduced hourly and retainer fees so that you can afford the legal assistance you need.

Skillful firm works to prevent commercial property foreclosures

We also have a successful record of defending owners of commercial properties who are facing foreclosure. As an accomplished business litigation firm, we will strongly assert your rights during negotiations and in court if necessary. Modifying a loan for a commercial property is a specialized process, requiring an in-depth understanding of how the loan is structured and what options are available. Our firm knows how to handle complex arrangements and takes a creative approach to finding solutions that work for both parties.

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H. Clay Parker, Esq. represents Central Florida homeowners and businesses facing foreclosure. Please call 407-216-2504 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Orlando office.

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