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Business litigation matters can involve non-profit organizations

Business litigation matters can involve non-profit organizations

Representation of non-profit organizations in Florida and elsewhere is a regular function of the business litigation attorney. Despite their non-profit status, such groups often sign contracts and find themselves in disputes over how they are interpreted. In some cases, such as the one described below, business litigation must be filed to vindicate rights and responsibilities.

In one case, a non-profit community organization was functioning as a bicentennial celebration committee. It entered into a contract with a company named Gorilla Grid Media, which provided for entertainment groups to be signed to play the group’s bicentennial celebrations. The bicentennial organization has recently filed suit against Gorilla Media and two of its principals for allegedly taking substantial funds but failing to use the funds to sign up the entertainers as specified in the agreement.

The complaint says that an agreement was signed in 2013, providing for the musical groups to appear and perform at the bicentennial event. The plaintiff committee alleges to have paid the defendants tens of thousands of dollars on account of the signing of the entertainment groups. The complaint alleges, however, that the defendants made only partial payments to the performers that were booked and that at least $86,000 is still owed to the musical groups.

The plaintiff organization seeks $101,000 in damages, plus interest, attorneys’ fees and costs. What seems to be left out of the news report regarding the law suit is whether the bicentennial event has occurred or is yet to occur. Did the musicians make demand on the bicentennial committee for the balance due? Did the booking agent convert funds designated for the entertainers to its own use in violation of the agreement? All of these questions are vital to the determination of such a business litigation dispute, whether litigated in Florida or another state, and they will be answered as the case moves forward.

Source:, “Belleville bicentennial group claims media company has failed to fully pay for entertainment“, March 4, 2015

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