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Business litigation settlement centers on Snapchat origins

Business litigation settlement centers on Snapchat origins

Lawsuits between or involving businesses can take on a number of forms. In some cases, friends in Florida or elsewhere take on a partnership role in the creation of a new business or idea. When one or more of the individuals who took part in the early stages of development are not properly credited or compensated, the result is often business litigation. Such was the case in a recent lawsuit in which a man sued the company Snapchat and members of its management.

The base of the lawsuit was the man’s claims that he initially came up with the concept for the app. Snapchat allows users to send a photo or video to another party. Those images disappear within a short period of time, which users feel provides a measure of security against the misuse of such content.

The man became acquainted with Snapchat’s current CEO and CTO while the three were students at a boarding school. He went on to attend Stanford and Duke Business School, but he was never given credit for his input into Snapchat or compensated. The lawsuit has gone on for more than one year and was only recently settled.

Within the settlement of this piece of business litigation, the current CEO issued a statement acknowledging the role that the man played in coming up with the concept behind the app. Because the settlement was confidential, few additional details are available. However, the case does serve as an example to anyone in Florida who plays a part in the creation of a business or concept, that it is possible to seek and gain compensation for those contributions.

Source:, “McCallie graduate settles lawsuit with Snapchat co-founders“, Ashley Hopkins, Sept. 11, 2014

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