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Florida entrepreneur makes the daily grind her passion

When someone has a smart, innovative business idea, it may not be exactly clear how to make that idea into something tangible. Even though someone may have the skills to create and market a valuable product or service, starting a business can be complicated. In order to accommodate for future success, it can be helpful for new business owners to make smart moves from the very start.

Inspiration came to one Florida woman in the middle of the night. Based on her experience as a hairdresser, the woman developed the idea to use expended coffee grounds as the base for a line of facial-care products. Now, an entrepreneurial dream that emerged during a sleepless night is on track to becoming a reality.

The woman has partnered with her local Starbucks location to gather used coffee and espresso grounds. After that, she processes the spent grounds to be incorporated into her unique personal care products. She states that her product is forward thinking because it reuses material that would otherwise become waste.

One of the challenges facing the woman and many other entrepreneurs is distributing and selling products. As such, the florida woman turned to a competition started by Walmart. If she wins the contest, her product could appear on store shelves throughout the country.

Certain obstacles shouldn’t put a damper on entrepreneurs’ motivation. In fact, an experienced attorney can help aspiring business owners go through the proper steps to establish their business. Between forming a legal business entity and creating initial contracts with suppliers and other business partners, there are a number of legal considerations to be made at the outset of a business. Once these steps are handled, entrepreneurs can focus their energy on taking their idea to the next level.

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