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Liens and the law in Florida

Liens and the law in Florida

On behalf of H. Clay Parker, Esq. posted in Business Litigation on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Tax season has just passed, and in the wake of it you are probably seeing more articles in reference to tax liens. But a lien is something that can be applied outside of the context of taxes. A lien is simply a legal tool used by a creditor to get a debtor to pay back whatever he or she owes. The lien is placed on property or assets, and then the individual affected by the lien will not have the ability to move that asset, and he or she will struggle with securing other lines of credit until the debt is paid and the lien is lifted.

No matter which side of the lien equation you are on, there are serious legal implications here. A lien needs to be handled properly with experienced legal counsel by your side.

If you are a creditor in the state of Florida looking to be paid what you are owed, there are specific steps that must be followed when applying a lien on a piece of property. If you make a mistake during this process, you could violate the debtor’s rights and disrupt your efforts to collect. And as a debtor, if you are under a lien, you need to take proper steps to address the situation.

In either scenario, the attorneys at H. Clay Parker, Esq. are here to help you with your complex litigation. Liens are far from straightforward, and we will answer your questions and give you clear information about your legal standing.

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