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Many factors to consider with non-compete agreements

Many factors to consider with non-compete agreements

Non-compete agreements are fairly straightforward documents, but the effects they have on the individual, the individual’s employer, and any past or future employer involved with the individual or the non-compete are what make these contracts so complicated. Non-compete agreements can restrict an individual’s ability to find a job based on industry, timeframe or even geographic location. But sometimes these contracts don’t hold up under scrutiny.

In addition, it isn’t just the individual person affected by a non-compete, as we mentioned above. The company that enforces that non-compete has legitimate business interests that they want to protect. It is why they place that non-compete in front of their employees.

The employer that enforces the non-compete needs to make sure that the contract is fair and that the provisions included are compliant with the law. Additionally, they can’t infringe upon an employee’s rights. If the employer fails to ensure these aspects, the contract could fold under a legal challenge.

Additionally, a company that is looking to hire someone who is under a non-compete must consider the legal ramifications of hiring such an individual and how it could impact things with the company that set forth the non-compete.

Non-compete agreements have a wide range of legal effects, and everyone involved with these documents needs to make sure that their legal position is acceptable. At H. Clay Parker, Esq., we have helped people and businesses in Orlando and all across Florida with the potential legal issues that surround non-compete agreements for many years, and we have the experience to guide you through these complex legal matters.

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