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Minimizing risk through well-drafted non-compete agreements

Minimizing risk through well-drafted non-compete agreements

As a business owner, you know the serious impact that a dispute or contract issue can have on the health and success of your operations. It is possible to avoid such conflicts and minimize your risk regarding intellectual property and trade secrets by working with an experienced attorney to ensure the protection of your interests with strong non-compete agreements.

Preventing problems and eliminating the possibility of a dispute is less expensive and much easier than costly and stressful litigation. The implementation of a non-compete agreement could be beneficial for your Florida business, but it is critical that the language of any contract is able to withstand the scrutiny of the court in case of a dispute.

Do you need the assistance of a commercial law attorney?

Employers often require employees to sign non-compete agreements at the start of their employment. In the event that the employee-employer relationship ends, the non-compete agreement would take effect. The agreements must support the legitimate interests of the employer, and the intent of a non-compete agreement is to protect trade secrets, important information and more.

The nature of these agreements can be complex. You may find it beneficial to consult with an attorney experienced in the nuances of business law and litigation if the following apply to your situation:

  • You an employer considering ways to protect your interests before hiring new employees.
  • Your business is considering hiring an employee who signed a non-compete agreement with a former employer, and you wish to know how you can move forward while avoiding litigation.
  • You are an employee asked by an employer to sign a non-compete agreement, and you wish to know more about the terminology included in the document.

It is critical to carefully consider the terminology and language of a non-compete agreement. The construction of these agreements should allow your business to avoid legal complications and financial harm.

Avoiding future problems by taking action today

The intent of a non-compete agreement is to protect your business interests and uphold your rights in the event that an employee with access to important information works for a competitor. It is more cost-effective and practical to avoid problems by working with a lawyer who can provide you the information needed to make beneficial decisions. When you take the appropriate legal steps today, you are protecting yourself in the future.

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