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Property claims in Florida wrongfully denied? Help is available

Property claims in Florida wrongfully denied? Help is available

Without insurance, out-of-pocket expenses for property repairs can be astronomical, which can lead to severe financial distress. For this and a number of other reasons, people pay a lot of money into insurance policies with the belief that, if something happens, they will be covered. Unfortunately, there are times when claims are filed and the coverage paid for is not adequately represented in the coverage actually received. Florida residents who feel their property claims have been wrongfully denied or inadequately covered by their insurance carrier may require legal assistance in order to obtain fair coverage.

There are insurance policies for just about anything, including auto accident claims, fire damage, property damage, storm damage and even for identity claims. Insurance law covers a wide range of matters that consumers may face when dealing with insurance carriers, including breach of contract and bad faith issues for these and other types of insurance policies. To learn more about insurance law, including what it covers and how an attorney can help you if you’ve had a claim denied, please visit our Insurance Law webpage.

Yes, insurance carriers are supposed to be there for clients when needed, but, at the end of the day, it is a business operation with one goal in mind — making money. With this as a primary objective, it isn’t uncommon for insurance providers to find reasons to deny claims or pay out as little as possible. This type of attitude isn’t appropriate, and insurance carriers who fail to meet the coverage promised in a consumer’s policy should be questioned.

Florida residents who put their hard-earned money into an insurance policy should be able to get what they pay for. If that doesn’t happen, it is possible for insurance carriers who try to deny coverage on property claims to be held accountable for failing to abide by policy terms. An experienced insurance law attorney can help by reviewing insurance policies, identifying any wrongfully denied claims and requesting fair coverage.

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